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“I want to write about sex and about death.” That was the opening sentence written by Christopher G. Moore on August 20th, 2010 on his great blog for an essay titled: Sir Frank Kermode and Shigeo Tokudo: Scholor and Porn Star. I remember the essay, so I thought I’d borrow the opening line today. I had a pretty good week this week. More good stuff happened than bad. I’ll take that. I want to write about frogs, dogs, books and comedians. It’s just that it doesn’t make for quite as good an opening line. Are you still with me?


Last night I celebrated America’s Independence Day at Checkinn99 with my wife. Our server’s name was Gop. I took that as a good omen given that this blog has a prominent cartoon character by the same name.

gop5d (5)

Our server was much better behaved than this one.


Starting today we will be selling Bangkok Soi Dog #1 Tshirts at this web sight and a limited supply at Checkinn99 as well.


People have been sending in their pictures wearing the Bangkok Soi Dog #1 Tshirts and reading my recently published book, Bangkok Beat. Thanks for that. Here are some of the latest:


John Fengler of Chiang Mai showing that the former Emergency Medical Technician has not lost his ability to multi-task

Trevor BideBB

Trevor Bide, fellow blogger and all around good guy


Muay Thai Champ Melissa Ray sent in a picture from one of two chapters she is featured in


Peter Lenderink pulls double duty in his Bangkok Soi Dog T while holding a copy of Bangkok Beat


Special thanks to Chris-Catto Smith for allowing Bangkok Beat to be sold at Checkinn99 beginning last night. Demand was brisk when Chris was in the house. Thanks a bunch. I’ll be there this afternoon during the jazz. Drop on by if you’d like a copy or just want to listen to good jazz music.


I made a list of my TOP TEN FAVORITE COMEDIANS this week and it made me remember the importance of laughter and the importance of those who made us laugh in the past. Here is one I had not thought of in awhile but I am glad I did:

#4 – Dick Gregory

Dick Gregory

Richard Claxton “Dick” Gregory is an American comedian, civil rights activist, social critic, conspiracy theorist, writer and entrepreneur. Wikipedia
Born: October 12, 1932 (age 82), St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Spouse: Lillian Gregory (m. 1959)
Children: Yohance Gregory, Ayanna Gregory, Stephanie Gregory, more
Books: Nigger: An Autobiography by Dick Gregory –

Great to read that Dick Gregory is alive and well in St Louis, Missouri. Dick never got the credit he deserved as a comedian because he was much more than that. But he was damn funny and a ground-breaking comic, author and civil rights activist and a fine track and field man back in his University days …

And … I am finally able to give proper attribution to one of my favorite morbid jokes of all time. Every syllable is important. Pay attention:

“When I die, I want to go peacefully like my grandfather did – in his sleep. Not yelling and screaming like the passengers in his car.’
Bob Monkhouse (1928-2003)


That’s my blog post for Sunday, July 5th, 2015. I want to write about sex and about death. Maybe next week. Until then, you’ll have to do with frogs, dogs, books, and comedians.


To go to the Bangkok Beat Big Cartel Store to purchase a Bangkok Soi Dog #1 Tshirt or a copy of the paperback of Bangkok Beat for Thailand delivery click the cartoon image of the big guy or the coconut shell

2 Responses to “Frogs, Dogs, Books & Comedians”

  1. Gary Anthony Rutland

    BOB MONKHOUSE! Brilliant, never thoUGHT i’d see the day he was mentioned in an ex-pat Americans blog in Thailand. And I bet Bob didn’t either 55555, I’m sure he’s rolling around laughing in his grave. Nice one Kevin.


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