What People Are Saying About Different Drummers:

“In my newspaper review of “Bangkok Beat”, I tagged Kevin as the “chronicler of the noir night”, the local literary movement’s historian, probing their dark tales with a flashlight, interviewing them for his Thailand Footprint blog and then deciding to emulate them and put out a book of his own. It got solid reviews from me and many others. At last, three years on, we have the follow-up. … the chapters alternate between interviews with authors and reviews of their work. Cummings’ interview questions are always amusingly cacophonic, as if to make sure the subject and the reader are paying attention. “What have you got against wind-chimes?” he asks [Lawrence] Osborne out of the blue. “They seem harmless enough.”
Paul Dorsey, Journalist and Book Reviewer for The Nation Newspaper

“Once again Kevin Cummings has managed to create a page-turner. It is fascinating to get a little glimpse into so many interesting people’s lives, without the uninteresting gossip part. And this is exactly what Cummings gives us in his latest book – Different Drummers. Another impressive thing with the book is the fact that I, for the first time in my life, actually enjoyed reading poetry, written by John Gartland. Thank you for introducing that into my life Kevin and John.” Captain Kai
Different Drummers is dedicated to my grandfather, John Cunningham, and his three children: Alistair, Archie, and Marion. It is written in Memory of Mark Fenn who died too soon in 2016 at the age of thirty-eight. In the Author’s Note at the conclusion of Different Drummers a special shout-out is given to Jerry Hopkins, author of No One Here Gets Out Alive and the book that started it all for me back in 2001, Bangkok Babylon. Thanks, Jerry, for the books and the memories.
From the Inside Flap
“Cummings writes in a warm and humble voice devoid of literary pretensions or highfalutin prose, reminding readers of one of Bangkok’s chief virtues: it’s teeming with all sorts of eccentric expat characters endowed with hugely entertaining backstories.”
Jim Algie – author of The Phantom Lover and Other Thrilling Tales of Thailand
“Different Drummers is another fascinating ensemble of interviews,literature reviews, stories and poetry about Thailand and the region.”
Melissa Ray – four time Muay Thai Champion in Thailand
“John Gartland’s poetry brutally and beautifully exposes hypocrisy and despair, in a world of manipulated madness. Gartland is a master poet in the tradition of Seamus Heaney.”
Christopher Minko – Front man for Cambodian band,Krom
“No other expat author of Thailand writes with such lyrical artistry.”
The Nation of John Gartland
Different Drummers is available at Amazon outlets worldwide, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks and numerous other eBook outlets. In addition you can find the paperback for sale at John Branton’s Queen Bee Tavern located on Sukhumvit Soi 26 in Bangkok, Thailand, directly across from the Hilton DoubleTree Inn. Happy reading.