Author T Hunt Locke at Maeping Mango Resort along the Ping River in Kamphaeng Phet, Thailand

Last week I had some fun reviewing Locke’s latest historical crime thriller set equally in his former home along the Eastern Seaboard of Massachusetts and his current home in Southeast Asia. For those who missed it, it can found here: Chicks Dig the Long Ball and Sam Collins – Murder in Milton – A Book Review. 

As I noted in that review, Thom and I are friends. He hails from the East Coast, I from the West. In the beginning of that face to face friendship formation there was some good-natured ribbing going on. I knew Thom hailed from South Boston. I, on the other hand, grew up in Southern Cal as a kid. Yet we got on fine. The occasional arguments were a plus. At one point I said to Thom, “Are you sure you’re not from California?” Thom replied, “Well, I did work at a California Community College for quite a long time.”

What Thom and I do share is an American experience. I can’t speak for him but for me what I think that means is that we learn to take a punch. We know the critics of the USA are out there. We know further that some of the criticism is justified. But we keep on plugging away because we also know we are lucky for having had the experience. Many more people would like the opportunities we’ve had, but not all will get them.

“It’s a wonderful neighborhood, the views are marvelous, and there are some terrific water features, the transport links are excellent, and the neighbors? The neighbors are great, no troubles at all.”

From the book, Prisoners of Geography, Chapter 3. United States.

We are all prisoners or explorers of our own geography. Thom and I now find ourselves in Thailand. But we carry our American experience with us wherever we go. You’ll get a taste of that unique experience in this short and sweet interview.

Twenty Questions with American Expat Author T Hunt Locke

Q1: Where were you Born?

I am a Southie Boy. To be more specific, I took my first breath at Carney Hospital.

Q2: What did you want to be when you were growing up?

The center fielder for the Boston Red Sox. I can still hear Sherm Feller’s voice, the famed Sox PA Announcer, “Batting Second & Playing Center Field, Thom Locke.Ah that voice & that cadence…the crowd always roared!

Q3: The Godfather or Sopranos?

So the tough questions begin I see. First of all, I have recently binge watched The Sopranos. If I held it in quite high regard before, it rises even higher as a rewatchable. Gandolfini isn’t just good, he set the bar for character development and the anti-hero. And boy oh boy, Carmela, Big Pussy, Junior, Paulie are like old friends. But Kevin, in the end, ‘leave the gun, take the canolli.’

Q4: Celtics or Bruins? 

A toss up. In any case, the Bruins were in my life since before I can remember. Dad had season tickets & I was in a lap at the old Gaaarden from the time I was a baby and it hasn’t left my system…Go B’s!

Q5: Who is the one person living or dead you would like to have dinner with and why? Bonus round: name that restaurant and meal.

The Restaurant is Easy, The Clam Box, of course ( ). The person is easy too. My Dad! I really miss him… Dad would opt for the scallop plate and I the fisherman’s platter. An order of steamers would be shared for an appetizer. We’d follow it up with a walk on Wollaston Beach. If I could make that happen with Megan and Hunter in tow…

Q6: Where is your favorite place on the planet? Only one. 

Ok, so only one. By a hair I would have to say Cape Cod. But just barely over Chiang Mai. Luckily, once retirement arrives, I’ll be able to enjoy both locales.

Q7: Favorite athlete?

Like your first love, that first sport idol will always hold a special place in your heart. For me that person is #4 Bobby Orr.

Q8: Favorite politician?

Thomas ‘Tip’ O’Neill. “All politics is local” is how he went about his business. A wonderful man and a true man of the community. His breed is long gone.

Q9: Favorite civil rights activist?

Malcolm X. He was not afraid to get his hands dirty nor was he afraid to change an opinion when confronted with a new set of facts. This is a ‘favorite’ question and of course there were/are many men and women of color who have made a significant difference.

Q 10: Favorite feminist? 

Abigail Adams. This monumental figure in Colonial America laid a foundation for other women of strength and intellect such as Elizabeth Blackwell and Jane Addams. And from women such as this we can see the birth of the modern feminist movement. It all began with Abigail.

Q11: Favorite movie of all time? 

This is one of the most difficult questions. While there are several movies that I feel are exceptional there are only a handful I’ll rewatch. Good Will Hunting is at the top. The relationship that develops between Matt Damon and Robin Williams is a tough feat to accomplish over the course of two hours. No car chases, no capes, no CGI, no fights…Damon recently commented he could not get that film made today. What a shame!

Q12: Favorite Colonial figure?

Dr. Joseph Warren was quite an impressive Colonial and Revolutionary figure. He organized Paul Revere’s famed ride to Concord & Lexington, dumped some tea into the harbor, and gave his life for liberty on Bunker Hill. Quite the stickman as well from all accounts!

Q13: What gives you inspiration?

I don’t know what gives me such a love & lust for life. ‘Tis a mystery…

Q14: Favorite Century in Thailand’s history and why?

The 15th Century and especially the reign of King Boromtrailokat. Many of the reforms he put into place 450 years ago are still in place if modified throughout the years. A Great Man!!

Q15: If you could collaborate with anyone in the world who would it be and why? Make it unrealistic. What would the collaboration be? 

Mike Wallace, the former reporter & commentator from 60 Minutes is somebody I would love to have a chat. The collaboration would be to write a series of murder mysteries based on the stories he covered over a period of some 60 years. That would be a gas. I also hope we can collaborate again!!

Q16: What is your favorite sandwich? Bonus round: what beer goes with that?

Lobster Roll with a Sam Adams Autumn Ale on an Indian Summer Day at Brax Landing  We are now almost able to touch heaven, Kevin.

Q17:  What is your favorite cartoon and why?

I do not have a favorite cartoon, comic book, or comic figure. Just found out who Stan Lee was actually. Still find myself in dismay with adults who get wrapped up in a superhero movie. But, as you know Kevin, I am a different type of drummer. You Too!

Q18: Bruce Willis or Bruce Lee?

I missed the Bruce Lee Phenomenon. So, Bruce Willis. I think, if I was of that age, I would have gravitated towards Mr. Lee. He had a phenomenon after all. Not sure Bruce Willis ever got to that rarefied air, but the first Diehard was quite good.

Q19: Favorite Kinks song of all time? Okay, make it two. 

As the Queen whispered in Ray’s ear while making him a Commander of the British Empire: “So many songs.” Surely a difficult task. But two it is. All Day And All Of The Night & Mr. Churchill Says.

Q20: What’s next for T Hunt Locke? 

A lot! 2019 will see a collection of short stories and essays published along with my second novel in Bangkok Murder Mystery Series. Then, in 2020, my pen will return home to my beloved Cape Cod for another thrilling Historical Thriller featuring Dan Burdett. Oh, and a long overdue drink with my mate at Jack’s Bar!


Hey, this was fun! Thanks for having me for a chat at

To you and all your readers, Have a Great 2019.

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