“We are paying now for the crimes committed by our ancestors. Our forefathers when first they came to this country, were hailed as gods. To our disgrace, they behaved as demons. They asked for gold instead of grace . . . We have emphasized gold instead of opportunity . . . Power and riches, not for all America⎯that would be bad enough!⎯but for the few.” – Henry Miller


And because it is Super Tuesday in the USA here is a rerun of some Henry wisdom regarding politicians:


“The idealists in politics lack a sense of reality. And a politician must be a realist above all. These people with ideals and principles, they’re all at sea, in my opinion. One has to be a lowbrow, a bit of a murderer, to be a politician, ready and willing to see people sacrificed, slaughtered, for the sake of an idea, whether a good one or a bad one. I mean, those are the ones who flourish.” Henry Miller