Flying Bird 15″ w x 11″ h $35 (plus shipping & handling) Close-up view 1965, watercolor collection of Henry Miller
printed by Museum Reproductions in Alhambra, CA

I am here on earth to work out my own private destiny. My destiny is linked with that of every other living creature inhabiting the planet – perhaps with those on other planets, who knows? I refuse to jeopardize my destiny by regarding life within the narrow rules which are now laid down to circumscribe it. I dissent from the current view of things as regards murder, as regards religion, as regards society, as regards our well-being. I will try to live my life in accordance with the vision I have of things eternal. I say “Peace to you all” and if you don’t find it, it’s because you haven’t looked for it. – Henry Miller Reunion in Brooklyn, Sunday After the War 1944