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The world According to Gop 7

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Gop and company get bored in the idyllic south of Thailand and head to the Big Weird for an adventure or three. Any regular follower of the Vincent Calvino Crime Series by Christopher G. Moore will recognize The Big Weird as the title of the 5th in the now 15 strong series. As I wrote in my book review of the novel, if New Orleans is the Big Easy then Bangkok is the clear choice for being the Big Weird. One of my favorites in the series it features a character based loosely on academy award winning screenwriter and Hollywood producer Stirling Silliphant. Well worth a read if you missed it:

The Big Weird

In more recent news regarding the award winning series a new book by Chad A. Evans is out. Artist Chris Coles discussed it today and this is what he had to say:

Chad A Evans’ book “Vincent Calvino’s World: A Noir Guide to Southeast Asia” has just been released on Amazon and is an compelling overview of Christopher G. Moore‘s 15 noir crime novels which feature the Vinnie Calvino character tracking down crime and criminals in the rapidly changing evironment of Southeast Asia over the past 20 years or so….Professor Tom Hoy from Thammasat University does the Introduction….while Moore’s Calvino series is written in the Crime/Private Eye genre, the books also are imbued with rich layers of Southeast Asia ambiance, philosophy and way of looking at the world….and reflect Moore’s deep knowledge of Southeast Asia detail and nuance…..for anyone interested in the Bangkok Noir cultural/arts/music/literature scene, this is a must-read book………Chris Coles artist and author of Navigating the Bangkok Noir

Vincent Calvino's World

Click either of the book covers to take you to the book information at Amazon


And finally a reminder that Bangkok Soi Dog #1 Tshirts are on sale for the month of September for only $9.99 plus shipping world wide. They are also available at Queen Bee Pub located on Sukhumvit Soi 26 in Bangkok Thailand for baht 300 this month.

Here is a close up look at Frame #2 and a vision of the Big Weird by a  brilliant illustrator and cartoonist, in the seventh, The World According to Gop. I hope to convince Colin to continue to do them for a long time. He’s never actually given me permission to use his name. But I’ve always been a better to get forgiveness than permission kind of guy, anyway. Thanks for stopping by and listening to a few commercials as this site is banner free. Enjoy the art and the books.


2 Responses to “Gop Heads to the Big Weird … Vincent Calvino’s World by Chad A. Evans Debuts”

    • Kevin Cummings

      Thanks, Phillip. Colin is brilliant and The Big Weird can get forgotten about among all the Calvino novels Moore has written. I’m looking forward to reading Vincent Calvino’s World.


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