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Henry Miller – Untitled Watercolor

People gravitate towards happy souls, but in doing so they tend to make the person unhappy. They need happiness. Happy people don’t need it, they are it. It isn’t produced because of this or that, it just is, and they are blessed though they may know it not. In this country of ours everybody wants to be happy and the result is, as you well know, that we are about as miserable a body of people as the earth as ever spawned. And I loath my countrymen for dwelling on the subject; they make me most unhappy.”

Henry Miller in a letter to Alfred Perles found in the 19th printing of Henry Miller on Writing. First published in 1964

One Response to “Henry Miller Quote of the Month – September 2015”

  1. philipcoggan

    Henry and George (Orwell) w=met just once, in Paris. It involved an overcoat that belonged to Henry. A significant moment.


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