My interview with Jame DiBiasio at Asia Hacks. Thanks, Jame. I always look slimmer next to a Palm Tree. My reflections on Bangkok Noir, Henry Miller and I answer that age old questions, are there too many bargirl novels….


bangkok-beat-finalKevin Cummings, Bangkok’s online cultural impresario, suggested we interview each other for our blogs. Kevin’s blog, Thailand Footprints, covers the local writerly scene, among other things, and he has a new book out, Bangkok Beats, a series of curios about life in the Big Mango.

Welcome, Kevin. When you suggested we swap interviews, I thought this would be fun. You have a lot of interesting Q&As on your website with a variety of people in Bangkok and beyond, with a heavy focus on literature and the arts. I haven’t done that sort of thing before so it’s great to bring a new dimension here. While you are not a novelist, you do have a book out about the Bangkok arts scene. But I think more importantly you and your website are like the glue for Thai-based writers. You provide an online community for them, as well as for…

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