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Lawyer Howard Malfeasance approving Soi Dog #1 by Chris Coles

Chris Coles sent over his lawyer last night to sign all the paperwork approving the world-wide distribution and possible franchise opportunities for Bangkok Soi Dog #1 Tshirts, which will be available soon from this very web-site.


BANGKOK SOI DOG #1 to be available with or without lettering of BANGKOK SOI DOG #1

This stunning fashion statement can be yours for less than the price of a Caribbean vacation. Details coming in June.


After all, who wouldn’t want to be the proud owner of this Tshirt, while making a unique fashion statement that clearly says …. well, I am not sure exactly what that statement says but I am sure there is one in there somewhere. It is art, after all.

I’ve done my homework on Fashion 101. It seems the best way to get someone to buy a new Tshirt is to make them feel guilty over wearing something old. Guilt sells, I am told.

So what better way to celebrate the new fall fashion than by showing a lot of people wearing a fashion trend that is, let’s face it, post peak. Of course we will be putting the few remaining Gop Frog in the Coconut shell Tshirts on a drastic sale. But wait, there’s more! Anyone buying a copy of my upcoming book, Bangkok Beat, will get a discount on this beautiful Tshirt which is sure to make you the envy of everyone in your neighborhood, or not.

So without further ado, Gop Tshirts – a retrospective:


Kindest thanks to the creator of Gop Tshirt design.

Others were more willing to take the risk. Here is just a sampling of the people now possessing an outdated trend:

Melissa Ray Gop

Melissa Ray – Four Time Muay Ying Champion in Thailand

Victor Gop

Victor “Hot Chili” Ntg Champion Muay Thai from Australia

Gop Night of Noir 1

Author James A. Newman at Night of Noir 1 sporting his Gop T

GopJoe D

…and James son Joe Dylan looking cool

Mithran Somasundrum

Mithran Somasundrum, Ph.D in the lab with the frog

 Jim Algie

The Phantom Lover author Jim Algie looking creative in his Gop T

William Wait Gop

William Wait looking cool as he always does …


James Austin-Farrell showing selfies are allowed in a Gop T …


Peter Lenderink fighting wind mills in the Netherlands in his Gop T


Bangkok Photographer Eric Nelson thinking about winter in the City of Broad Shoulders …


My A-town buddy Chris Wallgen. His dad taught me how to shake like a dog and Chris how to dare and eat a horse …


Family friend Sii looking beautiful in her Gop T


Golden State Road Warriors basketball player Lee hanging like a bat in his Gop T


Who can forget Christopher Minko in his specially created Black Gop T using imported black silk thread (SOLD OUT)


Christopher’s daughter Anya is four times a lady in this Gop photo shoot


Maybe my favorite Gop T picture – some of the Cambodian Women’s National Wheelchair Basketball Team

Alasdair Tunnel

Alasdair McLeod wearing his Gop T at the scene of a murder – The Checkinn99 tunnel


Crooner and special Checkinn99 patron Bernard Servello looking good …


The author everybody knows – Christopher G. Moore with Jafar “the Artist” Idris at Checkinn99


Fellow blogger Trevor Bide brings Gop to Old Trafford to watch a Man U soccer match – I understand that sport is popular over there …


Author Matt Carrell hard at work or plotting his next murder mystery …


Author John Daysh not realizing I’m the one that’s supposed to be hawking goods here. Looking good in New Zealand leather with his Gop T and his book, Cut Out The Middleman


Author Jarad Henry reading one of his favorite books in The Lucky Country


The blogger, the merchant marine Kevin Conroy and the author Janet Brown at Elliot Bay Book Company in Seattle, WA


Thom Locke and family feeling comfortable in his Gop T


Chris Catto-Smith being his thoughtful self by wearing his Gop T to Night of Noir III at Checkinn99


Former surfer dude, current up country dude, Malcolm Gault-WIlliams getting ready to plow the back 40

Dave Phillips

Author Dave Phillips wearing his Gop T in the heartland of America. Thanks, Dave!


Last but never least Chedly Sahebettaba enjoying a bowl of curry in Gop T

So there you have it. A Gop T retrospective. If you made it this far – thank-you. But remember out with the Frog in with the Dog. Unless you want a Gop T on sale, in that case email me.


Special Thanks to Chris Coles and his lawyer for allowing the licencing rights of Bangkok Soi Dog #1


BANGKOK SOI DOG #1 available in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL

XXXL may be special ordered if you can live that long

I’ll leave you with a quote from a former editor of The Paris Review (He had no idea he was working for spies. I believe him.)

“I have never been convinced there’s anything inherently wrong in having fun.”

George Plimpton

Stay tuned here for more information about Bangkok Soi Dog #1 Tshirts

Coming to finer Department Stores in 2016 but available here at Thailand Footprint in 2015

gop-bbframe (1)Final

12 Responses to “Out with the Frog … in with Bangkok Soi Dog #1”

  1. Angela Savage

    Love the Gop T-shirt retrospective – I recognise a few mugshots in that line-up. I like the Soi Dog T-shirt – any chance if a follow-up Soi Cat version?

    • Kevin Cummings

      Chris does have some artwork of female soi dogs, Angela. They are, in my opinion, not as flattering as Soi Dog #1, if you can imagine that. Perhaps for the Fall 2016 season … 🙂

  2. Collin Piprell

    Your site’s looking great. … The post that I couldn’t leave the other day merely said I enjoyed your review of Burdett’s latest book. Haven’t read the book

    • Kevin Cummings

      Our whole advertising campaign for the Soi Dog #1 Tshirts is based on obtaining Collin Piprell as The Most Interesting Man in the World, which, of course, you really are anyway. I picture a photo-shoot at Hemingway’s, perhaps a cigar and Mojito … “I don’t always wear T-shirts but when I do it’s Bangkok Soi Dog #1 for me.”

  3. Kevin Cummings

    Would you like lettering or no lettering, Phillip? I’m finalizing the order tonight. .6″ lettering saying, BANGKOK SOI DOG #1 or pure … no lettering. Best, Kevin C

  4. philipcoggan

    With lettering I think – adds that extra literate touch.

  5. Nicole

    Would like to buy soi dog shirt, but not in your store and no email address found…


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