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Since I missed Night of Noir due to a scheduling conflict, this is the first write-up I’ve seen by one of the authors on the line-up that night. Jame also wrote a blog post prior called, NIGHT OF NOIR. Give them both a read. Jame is a revealing writer, fellow WordPress blogger and a financial news journalist as well…TO GO TO JAME’S Blog Click ASIA HACKS, below


Reading at Night of Noir (photo by Alasdair McLeod) Reading at Night of Noir (photo by Alasdair McLeod)

Noir fiction follows a cynical protagonist – in the hardboiled genre, a detective, but otherwise a loser but one who maintains a certain integrity while pursuing (or being pursued by) a criminal organization or conspiracy within a legal or social system that is just as corrupt as the bad guys.

I flew to Bangkok to read at an informal literary party called Night of Noir, organized by local expat writers and held at a bar in the middle of one of the city’s prominent sex-trade neighborhoods. The event coincided with the terrible murders of editors, writers and cartoonists at Parisian satire magazine Charlie Hebdo by Islamic fundamentalists.

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2 Responses to “Il n’y a pas Charlie Hebdo ici”

  1. Kevin Cummings

    Thank-you for writing both posts, Jame. As you note, the mainstream press doesn’t give Night of Noir much ink, so blog posts such as yours are always appreciated.


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