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People who wonder what the attraction is to living in a place like Bangkok, Thailand need only experience the options available on a typical Thursday night in Bangkok City. Not Friday or Saturday, Thursday.

I had made plans to see Clifton Hardy at Above Eleven Bar on Sukhumvit Soi 11.


A classy venue where reservations are definitely recommended, located on the 33rd Floor of the Fraser Suites.

Clifton Hardy

The Clifton Hardy quintet is the featured entertainment every Thursday night going on three years now – again reservations strongly advised.

Kevin Conroy and Clifton

Kevin Conroy from Seattle, Washington has time to get a picture with his friend and singer Clifton Hardy at Above Eleven

Kevin Clifton

 Another photo opportunity for Thailand Footprint blogger Kevin Cummings with singer Clifton Hardy

Clifton was a gracious host in many ways including providing a tour to my friends Kevin Conroy and Thom Locke of the stunning panoramic views found on the rooftop.


There is a dress code of casual elegance at Above Eleven so unless you can fit into these size 10 medium beige beauties it is recommended you not wear sandals to Above Eleven. A mysterious mystery writer is seen here with the legendary loaners.

Soi Dogs

Big Jeff Thompsen of the Soi Dog Blues Band

After a couple hours of Clifton’s vocals and musical accompaniment  we headed down the road to Apoteka where the Soi Dog Blues Band and Jeff Thompsen plays every Thursday night. By now we were a much larger group. I dropped the name of a well known, traditionally published phantom author and the VIP room was offered to us. In like Flynn. Why not?

apoteka (1)


 The Soi Dog Blues Band comes on every Thursday night at Apoteka Bar on Sukhumvit Soi 11 starting at 9:30 p.m.

Meanwhile the Night of Noir was concluding and all the feedback via Line App and SMS messages was positive.

Gartland NON

The poet noir, John Gartland decked out in sartorial splendor for a Thursday night reading at Bangkok Fiction Night of Noir knows how to get a party started.

Dayshe Catto SMith

John Daysh was a hit with the crowd while entrepreneur Chris Catto-Smith attends to business.

Dean Barrett

The Dean of Bangkok mysteries, Dean Barrett was the usual crowd favorite. If there is anybody in Bangkok City who doesn’t like Dean Barrett I have not met him.

Thursday Night In Bangkok City

The SRO crowd at Check Inn 99 at Night of Noir III 2015 on a Thursday night. Chris Coles Crazy Hour painting in the background.

CheckInn99NON ...

The weekends get started on Thursday in Bangkok City. For some people every day is Friday in Bangkok. Or Thursday for that matter. (All Check Inn 99 photos by Alasdair McLeod).

2 Responses to “Thursday Night in Bangkok City …”

  1. Jubie

    I’m an old schoolmate of Jesper Thomsen’s (“Jeff Thomsen” of Soi Dog Blues Band fame), and we all just got word from his sisters that Jeff passed away suddenly yesterday. Sorry to break the bad news. We are all in shock.

    • Kevin Cummings

      I woke up at 7:00 am. Checked my business emails, then Facebook and learned of Jeff’s passing from his good friend, Chedley Sahebettaba. Jeff and I exchanged text messages just a few days ago. I had hoped to interview him for this blog. He was kind and and friendly in our last exchange and told me he looked forward to the next time I was in Apoteka. Jeff had an energy about him that was easily felt – whether he was playing or not. My deepest condolences to Jeff Thompsen’s many good friends and family members. He will be missed. Bangkok will never be exactly the same without him.


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