Bangkok’s urbane urban adventurer, Alasdair McLeod takes his camera with him to document the graffiti on the concrete pillars known as BERTS. You can follow Alasdair’s blog and adventures by clicking the green follow box in the lower left hand corner. Click Alasdair’s name below to go to his WordPress site:

Alasdair McLeod

The abandoned concrete pillars known as BERTS (Bangkok Elevated Rail Transport System) are due to be demolished to make way for the Red Line electric train. The bases of these concrete henges have become the canvases for graffitti artists and taggers. It seemed important to document some of these and so I walked from the Miracle Grand along the construction route to get some pictures.

IMG_2292IMG_2127IMG_2131   IMG_2282IMG_2216IMG_2414IMG_2200  IMG_2270IMG_2300IMG_2151  IMG_2250IMG_2374IMG_2183     IMG_2448IMG_2440IMG_2392IMG_2399IMG_2472IMG_2171IMG_2323IMG_2244

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