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A blog post by Muay Thai Champ, Melissa Ray on an evening at the FCCT with Thai politican Chuvit Kamolvisit. It was written six months ago but I found it still entertaining today. Melissa has been featured at Thailand Footprint twice (see links below) and still holds title of most read blog post here. Enjoy.

Muay Thai on the Brain

Image source: facebook/ชูวิทย์ I'm No.5 Image source: facebook/ชูวิทย์ I’m No.5

Outspoken pimp turned politician, hotel owner, and crusader against corruption, the “bathtub godfather” Chuvit Kamolvisit is arguably the most interesting character in current Thai politics.

Never far from the limelight, most recently he created headlines after a (staged?) street fight with a man believed to be an anti-government protester on the way to a polling station in Din Daeng on Election Day earlier this month.

While browsing my Twitter feed last week, my eyes were drawn to a Tweet informing that Chuvit would be speaking and taking questions at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand (FCCT) on Thursday 13th February.

Although I am far from knowledgeable on Thailand’s politics, in recent months I have become increasingly interested in the country’s political scene, and with Chuvit renowned for his candid nature, I figured the opportunity to hear his thoughts on the current standoff between the government…

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