Robert Carraher

I learned today that Robert Carraher died recently of cancer. We shared some things in common. He liked music and books. Timothy Hallinan was one of his favorite authors. It was just a little over one year ago that it was suggested by author Lisa Brackmann that I contact Robert after I shared with her my desire to start a blog about books and music and people. “You should talk to Robert Carraher.” Lisa Brackmann said. So I did. And I was glad I did. Because he was very helpful. He was an accomplished book reviewer. I enjoyed his reviews, a lot. My first review on this blog was for Zero Hour in Phnom Penh. Robert took the time to leave a positive comment. A short and affirmative, positive comment. At the time I replied, it was like being a stand-up comedian and having Jerry Seinfeld nod his head up and down after your routine and say, “Funny.” It meant a lot to me. And he took the time. So now I am returning the favor. We had many private messages back and forth. He shared his advice. I listened. One bit of advice I remember in particular: “It’s not about us, Kevin. Always remember that.” It tied in perfectly with the Henry Miller tag line I use often, “Forget yourself.” I never met Robert Carraher face to face, although it would have been welcome by me and likewise by him. He was a smoker. I wish he wasn’t. I have friends that have smoked and quit. I’m glad they have quit. I have others who still smoke. I wish they would quit. Thank-you, Robert Carraher for your sage advice and humor. And your passion for books and music and living. It was all very much appreciated.