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”Tomorrow I will discover Sunset Boulevard. Eurhythmic dancing, ball-room dancing, tap dancing, artistic photography, ordinary photography, lousy photography, electro-fever treatment, internal douche treatment, ultra- violet treatment, elocution lessons, psychic readings, institutes of religion, astrological demonstrations, hands read, feet manicured, elbows massaged, faces lifted, warts removed, fat reduced, insteps raised, corsets fitted, busts vibrated, corns removed, hair dyed, glasses fitted, soda jerked, hangovers cured, headaches driven away, flatulence dissipated, limousines rented, the future made clear, the war made comprehensible, octane made higher and butane lower, drive in and get indigestion, flush the kidneys, get a cheap car-wash, stay-awake pills and go-to-sleep pills, Chinese herbs are very good for you and without a Coca-Cola life is unthinkable.” Henry Miller (1891-1980), U.S. author. “Soirée in Hollywood,”

5 Responses to “Henry Miller Quote of the Month – April 2014”

  1. Collin Piprell

    Me too. All of those things and others as well. The above photo suggests to me Miller also remembered to drink all the red wine he could on Friday night.

    • Kevin Cummings

      I like the circular, flesh colored band-aid on Miller’s hand. We all need a band-aid from time to time. Thanks for the comment, Collin. Drop by anytime.


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