If you live in Thailand and/or have an interest in Thailand and you are not among the 10,000 plus people already following Richard Barrow on Facebook then by all means check him out here:



Richard Barrow – As shown on his Facebook page

Richard Barrow has one of only 1/2 dozen Twitter accounts that I find useful, which you can find @RichardBarrow . It is no wonder his Twitter followers exceed 50,000. I don’t re-tweet much, but when I do it is more likely than not from the Twitter account of Richard Barrow.

Richard has another useful site, which I recently discovered called:

Thailand from Above – ภาพมุมสูงของประเทศไทย

It is a Thai-centric web site where Richard explores the Kingdom with his Quadcopter Drone and takes heavenly pictures from above. Here is one such picture that I snatched from Richard’s site found at http://www.thailandfromabove.com


If that were not enough, Richard is also a blogger’s best friend in Thailand with yet another fine web site called Thailand Voice. If you have a blog about Thailand contact Richard and get listed at Thailand Voice. I did and my traffic improved noticeably. That site can be found at http://www.thailandvoice.com or clicking the banner box below:


Richard is a travel writer extraordinaire and has three other web sites worth checking out: http://www.RichardBarrow.com and http://www.thaitravelblogs.com  about Thailand. As he succinctly states: “Promoting Thailand online since 1998. This is your number one source for what is happening in Thailand.” The third is http://www.paknam.com , which is “The Largest Collection of Web Sites in English about Thailand.” Richard Barrow gets my nod as the Big Kahuna of Bloggers in Thailand. Google him if you are one of the few who is unaware. You will be glad you did. In times of hate and mean spirited rhetoric, it is good to know the Richard Barrow’s of the world still find a way to enjoy Thailand, share it with us and remain positive, even during these troubling times.