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A few announcements today: The Night of Noir is coming this Sunday, January 5th, 2014 at Check Inn 99. An evening of Reading, Art, Film, and Music. The scheduled (but not 100% confirmed) lineup includes: Cara Black, Dean Barrett, John Burdett, Chris Coles, John Marengo, Christopher G. Moore, James A. Newman, Tom Vater and others to be announced. Photographs by Stickman will also be on display.

The-Marriage-Tree2coverAlso, I just noticed today that The Marriage Tree by Christopher G. Moore, which I reviewed on this blog, is now available on Kindle. You can click the image above to take you to Amazon USA. I am sure it is on Smashwords too. Anyone who knows Christopher knows he doesn’t buy book reviews. So if you are like me and have already read The Marriage Tree and like it, leave a review on Amazon.


This just arrived today and seemed like a good addition to this post.

And if you haven’t read it, I recommend it for any crime fiction fan, in either paper or plastic. Christopher has a unique Rohingya angle to the novel, which has been in the news from a human rights standpoint and a freedom of the press point of view. Authors depend on genuine reviews, so think of the last couple of books you have read and write a review for Amazon or Smashwords or where ever. You might even enjoy it.

Cara BlackFinally, I’d like to give advance notice that I will be running an interview I did with Cara Black, tomorrow, author of the Aimee Leduc Investigation series. The fourteenth in the series, MURDER IN PIGALLE will available from SoHo Crime Press in March 2014. It’s a fun and interesting interview. Cara will be reading from her first is the series, MURDER IN THE MARAIS at the NIGHT OF THE NOIR event. Tune in tomorrow. You weren’t planning to go back to work anyway …


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