I rarely include videos at Thailand Footprint and the conventional wisdom is one should not include a lot of videos on a blog. But this is not a conventional video; it is an opportunity so conventional wisdom needs to go out the window. This is a wonderful three minute documentary filmed in a country that doesn’t get filmed a lot – Burma. Hans Kemp is an internationally acclaimed Dutch photographer and has traveled over South East Asia for close to thirty years. Together with German screen writer and novelist, Tom Vater they have collaborated on a photographing journey through Burma, also known as Myanmar. The book can be purchased or ordered at better book shops around the globe and of course online as well. I hope you enjoy the images captured in the 180 second video. I did.

Thanks to Hans Kemp for permission to post and for providing the code which enabled direct embedding to this blog. Permission should be sought from Hans Kemp to re-post elsewhere.

burmese-light-cover-front-large (1)