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Web Sites are like resumes, they need to be reworked or redone from time to time. On Thailand Footprint a new feature will focus on the web site and social media by a footprint maker who is leaving their mark on Thailand or the region. This month’s feature is someone with an impressive and unconventional resume. Bangkok based, Canadian expatriate, one time punk band bass guitar player and singer/songwriter, travel writer and author, Jim Algie. Jim is a self proclaimed weirdsmith but don’t let that well earned moniker detract you from the fact that he is a top shelf wordsmith as well. This is truth, not embellishment. Having just been in Kinokuniya bookstore at Siam Paragon two days ago, I saw Jim Algie’s best selling collection of nonfiction stories, Bizarre Thailand, on a top shelf location. Kinokuniya is selective about the books they carry. The first printing of Bizarre Thailand, which also occupies a good location on my bookshelf, was published by Marshall Cavendish in late 2010 and sold out by mid 2011. All the stories in Bizarre Thailand have original angles or Algie angles if you prefer. Jim answers the questions that if you never asked, while living in Thailand, you should have asked or would have asked if you had seen what he’s seen.

Bizarre Thailand

In addition to the tales of Crime, Sex and Black Magic you’ll find information about strange celebrities, unusual wildlife and the supernatural. My favorite story involved a visit to a well known fertility shrine in Thailand, full of phallus figures of similar shape but various sizes. There the women can pray for conception and the men can pray to cure bouts of impotence, not necessarily in that order.

Fertility Shrine

Follow the, uh, … brick road to the fertility shrine …

As timing would have it, an author whose book I reviewed recently, Janet Brown and Tone Deaf in Thailand, just did a marvelous book review of Bizarre Thailand.  So, rather than review it myself, I steer you to her review at Once a Bookseller, by clicking on the picture of Jim Algie, below:


Jim Algie with newly made friend … Jim is the one on the right …

Jim’s web site has pages for Books, Films, Music and Travel Tales, among others. Jim makes my Top 5 list of favorite book reviewers living in Thailand and is my #1 favorite movie reviewer living in Thailand. His movie reviews are sometimes more entertaining than the movie itself. It is a great web site, which is also undergoing some changes. It should be part of anyone’s blog roll or surf destination for those living in the Kingdom or with an interest in the weird and wacky, travel and/or South East Asia. To go to Jim’s web site, simply click his image, below:

Jim Algie Profile

Jim Algie in a long tail boat near a mangrove forest in the south of Thailand

Timing may not be everything in life but good timing beats bad most every time. My timing was good on my recent trip to Kinokuniya as I was able to have a very helpful employee locate Jim’s newest book, THE PHANTOM LOVER and Other Thrilling Tales of Thailand. The collection of short stories has a February 2014 release date but will probably be available on the shelves of Thailand bookstores now or in the next 30 days. It is available for pre-order at Your nearest Indie Bookshop may also be able to pre-order. The Phantom Lover is published by Tuttle out of Singapore. I have already sampled the book by reading, THE LEGENDARY NOBODY, a fictional account with many historical facts blended in about the Thailand legend and serial killer, See Ouey. If the rest of the stories are on par with this one, Jim should expect the first printing of these fictional tales to sell out quickly as well. I hope to review the entire book at a later date. For more information about the book and how to pre-order, click the book cover below:


The Phantom Lover by Jim Algie. Tuttle Publishing – Singapore

Jim is a longtime resident of the Kingdom of Thailand. His web site offers a wealth of information for old hand expats and newcomers alike. While he is a Thailand veteran he is new to the twitterverse of Twitter. Blowing your own horn comes easier for some authors than others. I suspect that publicity is more of an obligation for Jim Algie not his preferred destination. But he does have a Twitter account and I looked at his tweets today. They showed quality over quantity, which I’ll take every time. His Twitter account name is, @jamiealgie and you can go to his Twitter page by clicking the picture below to begin following Jim. The road less traveled is not the path Jim takes. More often, it’s the path few white foreigners have ever taken in Asia. Follow Jim and let the bizarre times roll:


Click Jim Algie’s guitar to visit his Twitter page

One other hat Jim Algie wears is as moderator for the Open Group on Facebook called Bizarre Thailand. Click the photo below to take you to Jim’s Group Facebook page. It is a great source of information and entertainment about all things not mundane.


Go directly to Bizarre Thailand Facebook Open Group – Photo credit: Chiang Mai City News

That is my take on Thailand Footprint maker, author, editor, weirdsmith, ex-punk band guitar player, Twitter rookie and Facebook open group moderator at Bizarre Thailand. Jim is many things but he is never boring and I doubt that he is often bored. Life in the Kingdom is bizarre. Ask any expat who lives here. But for the one who knows it best, ask Jim Algie.

For more information about Jim Algie and his books go to:

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