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A Self Portrait by Henry Miller

Last night was a night to remember: I was among a sold out audience able to watch closing night at the first ever musical-comedy run of, The Rocky Horror Show in Bangkok, Thailand. There were many memorable moments. I plan to write more about the performance at another time.

Henry Miller was a writer, a painter, a poet , and now, many years after his death he remains a source of inspiration – to me and many others. Once a month I consider quotes of Henry’s to post.  I chose a short one this month, which is full of great advice for writers and non-writers alike:

     Remember to remember. – Henry Miller

Three words that Henry thought important enough to etch into the self portrait, above.  It’s a quote that is easy to remember but difficult to practice.  That is probably why Henry took the time to write it down.

2 Responses to “Henry Miller self-portrait and quote of the month … November 2013 …”

  1. collinx

    Glad last night went well. Glad you remember it. (Though by some standards, then, it couldn’t have gone all that well.)

    • Kevin Cummings

      The 80s are a blur but I always considered that more of a blessing than a curse. Thanks for the comment, Collin. But I sort of miss your old avatar …


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