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Thailand Footprint is now six-months old. I hold no illusions as to what it is: it’s a blog but it’s a blog that has been a lot of fun for me and hopefully brought some bits of entertainment to you, the reader.

I had a vision of writing a post thanking in detail all the people that made this blog become a reality. Instead I choose to do the following. I thank the following people and the books they wrote. If you are not familiar with any of these authors, explore them. It will be an exploration that will be rewarded. To Jerry Hopkins; Christopher G. Moore; Timothy Hallinan; Lisa Brackmann; Robert Carraher (book reviewer extraordinaire at The Dirty Lowdown ); Dean Barrett; Collin Piprell; my basketball coach Tom Barry who taught me to respect our janitor, which I remember as much as any other lesson he taught me; Chris Coles; James A. Newman and last but not least that reclusive author and cartoonist in the south Рthe man with no Facebook or Twitter account, Colin Cotterill.

Thank-you all very much. For your cooperation and your generosity. I hope to do this for at least another six months. And thanks to all the readers. There have been many more than I had thought possible. I thank Henry Miller for that. Every time I would forget myself, the blog became better. Every time I made the blog about me, I could never make that claim. Look at the books below. Pick one that might interest you. Then learn more about it at or order it at your favorite independent bookstore. I am not a writer … but the world still needs them. And I like it that way.

Best wishes,

Kevin Cummings

October 15th, 2013

Bangkok Babylon


Fear Artist


The Dirty Lowdown Robert Carraher

Robert Carraher at The Dirty Lowdown (Click picture to visit site) Copyright 2007 Benjamin Burrows Photography

Hangman's Point - Cover for Ebook

Kicking Dogs by author Collin Piprell

Navigating the Bangkok Noir by Chris Coles

updated_bkkexp_ecover (1)

Aging Discracefully


6 Responses to “It Takes a Literary Village to Raise a Frog on a Blog …”

  1. Kevin Cummings

    Thanks, Collin. And I hope you keep leaving the occasional comment just so we can keep seeing the jagged tooth icon that has been randomly selected just for you … Cheers back atcha

  2. Kevin Cummings

    Well, T-shirts of course. Soon there will be Gop, the frog in the coconut shell T-shirts for sale at Thailand Footprint, Rajiv. Limited edition, collectors item. Benefiting a children’s literary charity in SEA. In a choice of black & white or color. Smoking or non-smoking. It was either that or write, The Great American novel and I figured this was the easier course … stay tuned … :o)

  3. Timothy Hallinan

    Congrats — you’re an infinitely better blogger than I am. And thanks for the mention of TFA,


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