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fbi Miller/Henry Miller Part 1 of 1/view.

There are some interesting lines about Miller’s character in the report. “The Subject is strictly an artist type and could very easily be called ‘screwball’ by people who didn’t understand or appreciate his writing,” reads one passage. It continues: “The Subject apparently has no substantial source of income, his chief income being obtained from gifts from several of his followers who have considerable wealth.” The investigation began based on a speech Miller gave to a group of students at Dartmouth University, in which it was alleged he made comments sympathetic to Nazis.

Click the above link if you are interested in the official FBI File of American writer, Henry Miller, fully redacted of course and eventually closed in 1945. 10 pages in length thanks to J. Edgar Hoover and company. More evidence of our tax dollars at work. The Air Conditioned Nightmare is a book by Henry, which I must read one day. The investigation was still going on as Henry wrote that book, published in 1945 the same year the FBI finally closed his file.

The_Air-Conditioned_Nightmare_300_458Henry Miller, ahead of his time once again. Here is a quote from the preface to Air Conditioned Nightmare as Henry returns to New York in 1939 for the first time after having spent 10 years living as an expat in Paris:

Back in the rat trap. I try to hide away from old friends; I don’t want to relive the past with them because the past is full of wretched, sordid memories.  — Henry Miller

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