Henry Miller was an artist as well as a writer. Below a letter and tribute from his daughter, Valentine can be found. More information regarding Henry Miller and his art can be found at http://www.henrymiller.info

Two Heads by Henry Miller

June 7, 2005 marks twenty-five years since my Dad passed away. It seems impossible but I miss him more each year. He was a great listener as well as a fascinating raconteur. He had a very warm persona, treating everyone he came in contact with as though they had something special to say and often they did. His curiosity in his fellow man came across as being genuinely interested in all people. He was generous in every way, from sharing his home, giving to anyone who asked for money (if he had it), he gave his watercolors away, happy that they were admired. He had many friends throughout his life that were true lifelong relationships. He was a loyal friend. He loved to laugh and share meals and wine, always exchanging ideas about literature and art. He truly enjoyed life and made the world a better place by his wholehearted embrace of the world. He was tolerant, kind, inspiring, droll, genuine, loving, intelligent, thoughtful, a wonderful combination of many talents, humble as well as proud.

I love you Dad,

Your daughter,

ABSTRACT by Henry Miller

BLUE FACE by Henry Miller

From the INSOMNIA SERIES by Henry Miller