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Does Moore remain hopeful for humankind in the future? Does he believe that technology will free us or further confine us? I’m not sure. But I do know this from reading Rooms by Christopher G. Moore: if you find yourself in a room alone with a door, leave yourself some wiggle room. Don’t assume that the door is locked and don’t assume that you are alone. Open the door to your room and take a wild walk. 

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Bangkok, if my opinion counts, is a great taxi city. I have no idea how many taxicabs and taxi drivers there are in Bangkok City. If anyone knows, let me know. I would like to know. One can read just about anything happening either in or near a Bangkok taxicab.…


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DANCE ME TO THE END OF TIME dishes out justice artfully and against all odds, fairly, in the long run. Given the circumstances, a surprisingly satisfying ending to a memorable and historic crime series. The crime of the century is administered punishment after all. Who’d have thunk it? Who will inherit this earth anyway? Read DANCE ME TO THE END OF TIME and find out.

“When nobody was looking, I slipped my dime into the machine and selected the forbidden track. It was a dirty assault, kind of scary (even scarier than some of the psychedelic Beatles I’d heard at home), and I was aware in a vague but certain way that these guys were into dodgy shit – areas of life and the mind that the more straight and normal people who surrounded me at home and school did not dare to go.” Cameron Cooper reflecting on an early Rolling Stones experience


Anthony Perry was taking Christopher Hitchens advice and executing it. He was also killing it as a writer or so I thought. In one paragraph, consisting of three sentences, I gleaned that Mr. Perry is not a man who cares much about public opinion, I doubt he cares about what his critics have to say, and I am not even sure he cares about what his friends, his peers, and his beloved think. As for sales of his books, I’ll guess that’s not a major concern of his either.