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Trevor Bide is one of my favorite Thailand bloggers. Some people you know you will get on with in person before you ever meet them. Trevor was one such person. Good attitude, good blogger, good guy …I was going to reblog this even before I saw the nice plug for me at the end …


Whilst in my late teens early 20’s and spending lots of time in Thailand, it was inevitable that I would stumble upon Asian fiction. My appetite for a story had always been there, but a story set in the far east (the place I considered as home), was certainly heaven-sent. So off I went, roaming the book shops of Bangkok during 1985, 86 and 87 to acquaint myself with what was on offer.

I remember coming away from Asia books in Bangkok with my first two novel purchases and reading them on my return to England. The first ever novel was called ” The World Of Suzi Wong by Richard Mason and was a taster for my next novel.


You see the first novel was based in Hong Kong, but with the second novel I got the perfect novel location of Bangkok, Thailand. Yes, I expect you have guessed already…

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