Wonderful interview by novelist Bruce DeSilva of Timothy Hallinan regarding his Junior Bender and Poke Rafferty series. Great Questions. Great Answers. Too good not to re-blog on a lazy Easter Sunday. Thanks Bruce DeSilva for allowing the ability to do so …

Bruce DeSilva's Rogue Island

Timothy Hallinan Timothy Hallinan

I interviewed fellow crime novelist Timothy Hallinan for Crimelandia, the website of Left Coast Crime, a major crime fiction conference where he was recently awarded a coveted Lefty Award. Here’s the text of our conversation:

Bruce DeSilva: You have two critically-acclaimed crime series going, one featuring Poke Rafferty, an American journalist living in Bangkok, and the other chronicling the life of Junior Bender, a Los Angeles burglar with tormentors on both sides of the law. This has you turning out two books a year. How do you manage this and remain sane – or am I making a false assumption?

Hallinan: It’s a false assumption. I actually missed the deadline for the 2013 Rafferty book, For the Dead, and unless I put my ass in the saddle and keep it there, I’m going to miss the deadline for this year’s Junior, King Maybe. Despite all the energy…

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