Interesting reblog from Melissa Ray’s Muay Thai on the Brain. About Muay Thai fighters, convicts and an appearance by, Happy Thailand Guy. Melissa has been interviewed and profiled twice at Thailand Footprint.

Muay Thai on the Brain

Nai Khanom Tom Nai Khanom Tom

Every year the World Professional Muay Thai Federation (WPMF) holds a show to commemorate the birthday of legendary fighter Nai Khanom Tom, or National Muay Thai Day, on March 17th.

This year, the show was held on the slightly earlier date of March 11th, at a venue in the Lad Krabang area of Bangkok, with a line-up that included Berneung Topkingboxing (Thailand) defending his 168lb WPMF title against Thomas Carpenter (England/Thailand), Saiseelek Sitsuperman (Thailand) taking on Marik Kiatgorwit (France) for the 175lb WPMF title, Kwanjai Sor Por Lor Chaiyaphum (Thailand) defending her 118lb WPMF title against Sayfa Sor Suparat (Thailand), and a bout between WPMF favourites Jos Ingram Gym (Brazil) and Alex Chiangmai Muaythai (Switzerland).

My gym was to be represented on the day by former Lumpinee and Channel 7 Boxing Stadium champion Tapaothong Eminent Air—a veteran of more than 300 fights, though absent…

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