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(Reblog) A good review of, The Dying Beach by Australian author, Angela Savage. Set in Thailand; it is the third in the Jayne Keeney series. We hope to interview Angela and her partner in crime fiction, Andrew Nette, author of Ghost Money, which is set in Cambodia, soon at Thailand Footprint

Whispering Gums

Angela Savage, The dying beach Courtesy: Text Publishing

When I received Angela Savage’s novel The dying beach out of the blue last year as a review copy, I didn’t put it high in my list of reading priorities. I had – and still have – a pile of books waiting patiently, and I rarely (never say never) read crime novels. However, two things changed my mind. One is that Christos Tsiolkas dedicated Barracuda to Savage, and the other is that this year, for the first time, I will visit Thailand, which is the novel’s setting. So, I read it!

The dying beach is apparently Savage’s third Jayne Keeney novel. Jayne is a Private Investigator, an expat Australian living in Bangkok. Like many female PIs, she’s gutsy, hard-living, resourceful, somewhat of an outsider, and rather inclined to bristle if her independence is questioned. (Perhaps this latter is not confined to female PIs, but can be said…

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      • whisperinggums

        Always happy for the word to be spread about our Aussie authors, Kevin! Am glad that it’s enthused you to read the book.

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