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Henry Miller bonus coverage for March, 2014. An excerpt from Henry Miller: Plexus, Book 2 of Rosy Cruxifiction. One I’ve actually read.

A 1965 advertisement from Grove Press for the Rosy Cruxifiction trilogy

A 1965 advertisement from Grove Press for the Rosy Cruxifiction trilogy


“When man, with his pitiful sense of relativity, looks through the telescope and marvels at the immensity of creation, he means to confess that he has succeeded in reducing the limitless to the limited. He acquires, as it were, an optic lease on the boundless grandeur of a creation which is unfathomable to him. What matter if he succeed in putting a thousand universes within the focus of his microscopic telescope? The process of enlargement merely enhances the sense of the miniature. But man feels more at home in his little universe, or pretends he does, when he has uncovered what lies beyond its bounds. The thought that his universe may be no bigger than a tiny blood corpuscle entrances him, lulls his desperate anguish. But the use of an artificial eye, no matter to what monstrous proportions it be magnified, never brings him joys. The greater his physical vision…

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2 Responses to “Henry Miller”

  1. Rajiv

    Fantastic quote. I read Miller when I was too young. I think I should buy them now on the Kindle

    • Kevin Cummings

      Hi, Rajiv … I wrote a Post here about PARIS 1928. You might search for it, if you missed it. I make the point that Henry may be one of those authors where “listening to, rather than reading” may be in order. I listened to him on Henry has never been an easy read for me …


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