Footprint maker and Muay Ying Champion, Melissa Ray writes an excellent essay of her impressions regarding the new Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand …

Muay Thai on the Brain

Photo by Roman P. Aguila Photo by Roman P. Aguila

When news of the impending closure of Lumpinee Boxing Stadium on Rama IV Road was announced several months ago, Muay Thai fans around the world reeled in dismay.

Granted, the stadium was falling apart at the seams (the roof leaked in heavy rain and a cat famously fell through the ceiling into the ring during a show last year), but it represented a cultural landmark—the scene of some of the greatest fights in Muay Thai history since opening its doors in 1956.

Major General Surakrai Jatumas (Chief of Lumpinee Stadium)
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However, as explained pragmatically by Major General Surakrai Jatumas (Chief of Lumpinee Stadium) in a video by the Bangkok Post, “Lumpinee Boxing Stadium’s land lease contract ended and changes happen.” The construction of a new Lumpinee Boxing Stadium had been underway in the grounds of the Royal Thai Army Sports Centre on…

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