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A reblog of a post by Kaewmala from September 23, 2013, on her web site, . I am not totally sold on Twitter but one reason to belong to the twitterverse is to follow: แก้วมาลา Kaewmala
She is a Thai woman writer as well as a self proclaimed provocateur of Thai language, culture and politics. Kaewmala is smart, sassy and never boring. But don’t forget your thinking cap. Thinking is required when reading anything by Kaewmala. Once again, if you like quality tweets, follow her on Twitter @Thai_Talk . She is also the author of Sex Talk – In Search of Love and Romance . Click the picture below to learn more about Kaewmala and her book:


Thai Woman Talks - Language, Society, Politics & Love

I was abducted by a goblin last Saturday and was forced to write a very uncharacteristic piece. This is the article I wrote under extreme duress. 😉


We’ve heard so much fuss about the rules on Thai university student uniforms. To wear or not to wear (the uniform). Too outrageous or right on (Aum Neko’s campaign against mandatory student uniform rule). Really, I’ve gotten quite sick of hearing about this trivial issue, so I want to settle it once and for all. I’m even doing something uncharacteristic of me and being brief—sort of. Here are my Top 10 Reasons Why Thai University Students Should Wear Uniforms.

1. Almost all Thai university students love student uniforms. If you think I’m pulling this out of thin air, here’s the evidence. A Suan Dusit poll conducted just last week (14-17 September 2013) showed that 94.4% of 1,293 university students…

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One Response to “Top 10 Reasons Why Thai University Students Should wear Uniforms”

  1. Kevin Cummings

    For a reblog this post is getting a lot of traffic. I’m thinking it’s the University uniform picture, but it could be, Kaewmala … the above book makes a great Christmas or Valentines Day present …


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