An essay by  about reading, literature and the impact of Henry Miller’s, THE BOOKS IN MY LIFE …An excerpt:  “For Miller, to express himself about what he read is equal to do self-examination, to recount not what he consumes with his eyes and thought, but what he really is. Just the same as with food, we also are what we read. Perhaps that is why Miller insists that we should learn to read less and less and not more and more, because quality matters more than quantity.” In the Thick of the Life – a WordPress blog

In the thick of life

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There was one book in particular that inspired me to do this blog and that gave it the tone it has. I could have made a book review blog or a blog where I plainly shouted out what I had on my bare chest (as I have done before). But this blog does not intend to be either of those possibilities.

the books in my life

The book that inspired me was The books in my life by Henry Miller. And when I say that it inspired me I mean it in the most literal way: it gave me air, I felt I could breathe again. Forgotten oxygen came back into my cells. Before me I found a text that reaffirmed my feelings about knowledge and reading, and through which I felt like coming home after roaming the deserts.

For Miller, to express himself about what he read is equal to do self-examination…

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